February 4, 2013

Black on black


Recently I've been asked why I wear black so often and if it reflects my personality and life views. People still think that black is the color of negative thoughts and dark intentions. Honestly, I can't understand that, from many reasons.
I've prepared some general facts about "black", which show us the opposite: 

1. Though in Christianity black was first mentioned as the color of darkness and devil, in the medieval era, it became the color of royal luxury.
2. In the Chinese culture black represents the water, therefore it's considered  neutral and calm. It is also believed to be the color of Heaven.
3. Black is the color of power and authority. In many countries it is worn by judges, magistrates, politicians, business people etc.
4. Black is an international graphic color, used for books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

 But here are some of my personal thoughts on this color:

+ it slims the body
+ it is a lot more practical (rain, mud, etc)
+ looks elegant and luxurious 
+ can be mixed with every other color in the world
+ it is very sensual 
+ it is my school dress-code, so that might have developed my love for this color
+ minimalistic and mysterious 

So even if this color has been a debatable topic for a long time, you can see that I am a devoted fan of it. Do you like the color as much as I do, guys?

I was wearing:

coat and snake blouse thanks to PNK Casual 
jeans from Mango
sweater thanks to Romwe
Cartier watch+ thai bracelet
MaxMara boots

Doina x


Camilla said...

this is one of my favorite outfits by you, recently one of my readers asked me the same thing- I also think the fact that it's winter makes black more common in my outfits!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Mariana said...

Love it. Actually black is one of my favorite colors, I have a lot of black stuff so when I buy some new clothes in black my mom is like: Black? again?
But I just love it and I think it fits everyone. Even though I love it I think it's a problem for me too cause usually I don't wear too much colors, this year I'm trying to wear it more.

By the way, I love the sweater...and the coat, and the boots :)

Diary of Mia said...

Love your hair!


Anonymous said...

Hi Doina, you look faboulus and I like black as much as you do.
Where is the coat from?

lanciacoriandoli said...

I'm crazy 4 black!! XD


Juna K. said...

I love black and I wear it all the time. :) Love the outfit! :)


Katja said...

I can't get enough of your hair! it's just divine!

Closet Fashionista said...

I love this! And I agree, black isn't just for goth kids, haha, it's for the fashion savvy as well :)

Simona Manole said...

I have my blog to prove that black is my ultimate "go to" color. You look great.


Andrea said...

Ai facut o descriere reusita!! Te ador!

Alexis Lazar said...

I think black is the definition of class! You look lovely in this outfit!
Sparkle On The Floor

Andrea said...

i totally love all black outfit or looks with a lot of black! it always looks fab!

India said...

Yes, I do!

beetlebum said...

i've never thought black is depressive, but noone seems to agree with me. i love wearing black, i think it makes me look more cool and elegant and even if i'm trying to add some more color to my wardrobe; black is always better.


Carol said...

this jumper and shirt make amazing match in here ♥♥


Alex Terner said...

awesome look!
love this!


Ella said...

Great outfit!!Like you style!!!

Anonymous said...

imi place ca ai folosit un mix de texturi si imprimeuri. de multe ori tinutele monocrome tind sa fie cam fade, insa tu ai evitat asta intr-un mod foarte inspirat. bravo!

Anonymous said...

Doina esti o persoana foarte stilata,ce nu imbraci te prinde bine.Ador aceasta tinuta!!

Andra Dorolti said...

Sunt de acord cu ce-ai spus. si eu port negru des, mi se pare o culoare foarte frumoasa :)
imi place mult tinuta ta!


Kate said...

Oh you look so stuning!

Julia Percia David said...

Actually, I think that black is great only if one now how to use it. Wearing beautiful fabrics, and great contrast as you done in your outfit is perfect. To many people use it only as an easy way to dress.But this color is as easy than challenging.

Really love the topic of your article!


Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

HayleyMG said...

awesome outfit, you look beautiful <3

Hayley xx

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

This look is so genius! I really love this outfit, it's so simple, but I just love love it! haha


Huyen said...

you are stunning! I adore your outfit!



Isa said...

You are always adorable but who knew you pull off sultry just as well? Love the eye makeup!


fran said...

its one gorgeous outfit and the pics too baby


Constance said...

Love it, you look gorgeous!


Criss said...

Lovee the shoes!!

Alessia said...

Is perfect!I love this look!!!Kises.

Princess A said...

It looks like a relaxed outfit & perfect for running errands.

Great post!


La Roqua said...

Nice snake skin detail. :)

Piia said...

You look amazing! Love the mix of prints and fabrics!
Bowtie Diary

Maria Morri said...

I love black! I've made it my signature style. Curiously people still think it's blah, boring and "safe". True, it can be just that, but it can also elevate you, be dramatic and fierce in a way that doesn't translate as trying-desperately-to-get-your-attention. Also Yohi Yamamoto said this: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maii3r8EgD1qiqf01o1_500.jpg

Have a great week!
- Maria, Heijastuspinta/

Lydia Teo said...

I like black but I won't wear it often or if I do I'd add a pop of colour; I guess because to me all black is a little too boring? But everyone has their own taste!


Jaeger said...

youre so pretty, your makeup is amazing



Valentina said...

Ai un stil foarte parizian!!!

Angelica Lainis said...

I love the way you have layered your outfit with black on black. Terrific x


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